Card Operated Lock

Сard-operated lock for dry areas
Сard-operated lock for dry areas Card
The сard lock model is designed for dry facilities where users have a cardbased identification or access system: schools, gyms, fitness clubs, etc. It provides a solid and reliable solution.
REF. 44
Card-operated lock for wet areas
Card-operated lock for wet areas Card
The stainless steel pins in the cylinder of this lock offer greater resistance and security.
REF. 45
Card-operated lock with security key
The stainless steel pins offer greater resistance and security.
Model 46 is supplied with a security key, which has an exclusive and registered profi le. The key is fl at and reversible and thus pleasant and easy to use.
REF. 46
A versatile model that offers different solutions - members can use temporary locker, but for both members and occasional visitors locks comines card and coin operation. Card and coin locks prevent locker reservation, as members always retrieve their cards, but occasional visitors will retrieve their coin. This particular model is solid and reliable solution for use in dry areas.
REF. 40.0B00T / 40.5B00T
Same as ref.40.0B00T / 40.5B00T, this lock provides multifunctional use, but provides greater resistance and security thanks to stainless steel pins and rustproof materials it is made from. Suitable for use in wet areas.
REF. 40.2B00T / 40.7B00T
This multifunctional lock model can be used in both card or card and coin mode. Stainless steel pins and interchangeable cylinder are security features, but master-key prevents locker reservation and is efficient tool to help visitors immediately in case of key loss.
REF. 40.1B00T / 40.6B00T
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